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Examples of Virtual Data Rooms

Whatever industry you are in, you will need to deal a large volume of various files. The management of these documents using physical files is unproductive and time-consuming. Reviewing printed documents requires more time and makes you more vulnerable to an unauthorized access. A virtual dataroom (VDR) allows authorized parties to access and review documents remotely. It enhances collaboration among teams across the globe and eliminates geographical barriers. It also reduces the risk of entry by unauthorized persons and provides strict compliance measures.

When selecting a VDR choose one with advanced features that are designed to meet the specific needs of your company. You require a VDR that supports drag-and-drop, bulk upload and a variety of file formats. Also, search for a virtual data room that has an advanced search tool that is able to detect the text in files and index them automatically.

VDRs can automate workflows process, workflows, and processes in-process. For instance they can grant access rights depending on the role of the user. They can also monitor the documents that are accessed by authorized users. This includes the date and time they were downloaded or viewed.

Find a service that offers mobile apps that run on all platforms and don’t require plugins or other software to be installed. It is also recommended to choose a provider that has multilingual support to accommodate the requirements of users with different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities. Not to mention, ensure that your VDR has audit trails that will document all actions made by users using the virtual data rooms, including when they entered the platform and exited, what documents they downloaded or looked at, and their IP addresses.

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