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AVG Cleaner Pro Apk Review

AVG cleaner pro is an application that helps you to clear junk files and boost your smartphone’s speed. It also increases its battery life. It also has a few features that allow you to protect your straight from the source privacy by removing call and text history as well, and blocking apps. Additionally, the app also lets you protect and hide your private files with a password.

Avg cleaner pro apk is an improved version of AVG cleaner developed by third-party developers

This app has a lot of premium features that can help you to improve your Android device. It can eliminate junk files, unnecessary cache memory data, and duplicate images, which means more space for apps, music and pictures. It also assists you in determining the apps that are using too much power, and be shut down to conserve energy. It’s a simple and intuitive interface that is simple to use.

It safeguards your privacy by allowing users to delete and hide personal information like call and text records and browsing history. You can also add notes, contacts and other personal details. The app can also help locate your phone’s location on maps and provide a detailed report about its location. It also allows you to remotely unlock your phone using a pattern lock, password or PIN.

Avg cleaner pro has an automatic reminder feature that will remind to clean your device. It will also inform you of any unused applications and help you optimize your device for faster performance.

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