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What is a Data Sharing Tool?

Data sharing tool allows you to share the same set of data between several applications and users. This can be utilized by your company to enhance decision-making and boost productivity. It can also be used to encourage innovation and break down barriers between departments.

Data-sharing software is the data from various sources, like enterprise systems and IoT signals, which could be as diverse as website visitors’ behavior or sensors in power plants. Data sharing tools allow you to securely, logically and precisely share live data with internal business units as well as external business partners in order to lower costs and improve customer experience.

Historically, the biggest challenge in sharing data has been the shifting of increasing amounts of data. Transferring data from one blackbox to another is resource-intensive for internal data sharing. Maintaining the quality of data and best practices for data governance has been a separate challenge.

The most effective data sharing software should allow you to move data between different locations in a scalable, efficient manner without having to perform ETL operations. It should also allow a variety of formats for data exports and include a rich set of metadata that lets users understand the meaning and context of every dataset. It should also have an encrypted, secure transmission protocol and employ persistent identifiers to ensure the data you transfer can be easily located and retrieved over time. It should also permit you to track the data that is connected continuously and manage permissions if necessary.

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