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Best Antivirus For Android

Unlike Apple devices, Android smartphones and tablets aren’t guaranteed to have built-in protection against malware. Despite Google’s efforts to filter out apps with viruses from its Play Store, many are able to get through the process. Malware isn’t only annoying – it can also steal your personal data, block you out of your device, and offer your computing power to hackers.

Fortunately antivirus software can keep these threats away. The best antivirus software for android will come with powerful malware detection tools as well as privacy you could try here tools and even anti-theft features. The majority will provide a free version to test security and performance.

Kaspersky is often regarded as the top antivirus application for Android due to its top-quality protection against malware, and has a very minimal impact on system performance. The application has a long history of excellent results in tests conducted by independent labs. The paid version comes with an effective blocker of phone calls as well as a variety of other security features.

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is one of the most comprehensive features that are available for Android antivirus applications. Its malware protection scores an almost perfect score in our tests, and it comes with a lot of other useful features like a privacy advisor, Wi-Fi network warnings and junk file cleanup. It’s not as user-friendly and the call-blocking feature did not work during our tests.

Avira has excellent malware detection and prevention capabilities, along with an appealing interface and low system impact. It also has advanced security tools, like an privacy advisor and memory optimizer. It also has a fantastic anti-theft feature as well as affordable premium plans that can cover multiple phones for a single price.

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