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Features of General Board Meeting Software

Directors are looking for smarter ways to conduct board meetings in an environment where technology is constantly changing. Instead of relying on paper-lead methods and traditional methods, they are turning to board management software that provides access to digital documents and enables them to collaborate in the cloud. This makes it easier to review documents for meetings prior to the event and also free up time during the meeting for discussion and decision-making.

The most effective software for general board meetings allows participants to discuss and support points of view by referring to the exact passages that are being discussed. This way, there is no confusion over what is being discussed. This permits important administrative discussions to be held in the absence of the meeting so that they don’t consume precious time during the meeting.

Another important feature of board portal software is its ability to create a consolidated agenda, with all relevant documents and reports included. This allows the meeting to start according to plan and avoids issues or concerns from being raised in the wrong spot on the agenda or left unaddressed.

The software should also allow a printer-friendly format for all documents. It is important to note that some directors prefer printing their copies of documents for various reasons, ranging from personal convenience to a reluctance to work with screens for prolonged periods.

Many of the most popular software for meeting board companies will provide versions of their software that are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, so that attendees are able to review agendas both offline and online. Some apps allow users to add annotations in-app.

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