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Hacking Facebook Accounts

Hacking Facebook accounts is a frequent practice. It’s not only done to gain access to private messages but for many other reasons. Some of the more sinister reasons for hacking Facebook are using the account to be a blackmailer, to spy on their spouse or partner, and even use the account to sell illegal drugs.

Hackers could gain access to an account if a user’s Facebook account is linked to an email account. They can do this by changing the password, or gaining information using other methods such as keyloggers. Hackers also have access to accounts through malware, such as spyware. Users should take steps to safeguard their privacy and security. This includes selecting a secure unique password, signing off of Facebook when they’re not using it, and re-updating their software.

Phishing attacks are another method hackers can gain access to an account. These are often sent to a victim’s email or phone number linked to their Facebook account. A phishing link takes the user to an unauthentic Facebook page or website that appears like the real thing. These pages may ask for a login or 2FA code and then steal the information.

Anyone who suspects their account has been compromised should notify their family and friends. They can do this by changing their password, or by logging out of Facebook when they aren’t using it. You can notify your friends and family through other social media sites, email or text messages.

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