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How to Make a Computer Virus

Since 1986 when the first malware code that copies itself was released, computer viruses have made your computers and devices sick. Some of them can brick your devices, while others can slow down or even steal your data. But board of directors meeting software in most cases, you can get a virus off your device if you act fast.

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A virus is a part of code that, like the flu virus, is able to reproduce by attaching itself to files and programs to infect them. They then make copies of themselves. When a virus is infected by a program, it spreads to other devices and programs attached to the same networking. These viruses can do various damage including stealing passwords, credit card details, deleting data, corrupting programs, and even taking over your computer completely.

Depending on the kind of virus, it could spread from one machine to another through text and attachments to emails, Internet file downloads, or social media scam links. The virus can infect smartphones and mobile devices via suspicious applications. Some viruses have a fun-focused intent and are designed to bring fun and entertainment, while others are made to make money.

In the majority of countries, creating and spreading computer viruses is considered a crime. But if you’re curious about the process, you can learn to make a simple virus using Notepad and other tools. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s an interesting way to test your coding skills. You’ll need a plan for how your virus will behave once it’s infected with the system. This could be anything from displaying a red alert to deletion of data or causing corruption or even contacting list of contacts of your acquaintances.

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