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Users can also access a software developer kit (SDK) when utilizing MicroStrategy to customize and integrate an application with other applications. Additionally, the platform contains APIs and gateways allowing users to integrate MicroStrategy functionalities with third-party analytics tools. The leading BI platform is ideal for companies with limited IT resources and experience with BIG data. It facilitates multiple features like disaster recovery and attack surface monitoring, making it a scalable platform.

A business intelligence (BI) tool is an application through which companies monitor the performance of their operations to achieve business goals. As such, a good BI tool should have specific functionalities that enable this monitoring and analysis. A BI tool will radically improve your business operations, but only if it’s the right tool for your organization. Choosing a BI tool can be a lengthy process since the BI tools market has become more fragmented and complex, making it difficult for businesses to make the right choice. There are hundreds of BI tools available today, each promising to deliver value and insights faster with less effort. This article will talk about some of the features you should look for in a business intelligence tool before choosing one for your business.

This well-established self-service platform, which dates back to the 1970s, enables users to make educated decisions about their businesses by leveraging data and metrics. This ensures that BI teams and business users are studying correct and consistent data. To make the statistics queryable for business users, business-focused BI tools require some initial setup. These tools enable business stakeholders like marketing heads to create actionable insights and analyses without writing SQL (Structured Query Language). To facilitate this, business-focused BI tools include more comprehensive end-user skills like calculated fields, drill-downs, filtering and drag-and-drop, as well as a user-friendly interface. Various business intelligence tools are available that help people in an organisation make informed decisions.

  • A good BI tool should have functionality that allows you to work collaboratively and automate repetitive processes.
  • The plus point is that the analytical interface of Tableau requires almost negligible coding knowledge for data querying and creation.
  • Tableau can be connected to SQL Database, Spreadsheets, Flat files, and Cloud Apps.
  • The platform provides access to data integration, information dashboards, OLAP services, reporting, data mining, predictive analytics, and extract, transform, load (ETL) capabilities.
  • A good business intelligence tool should allow you to create comprehensive dashboards that provide a high-level view of your business in a visually appealing format.
  • In fact, it’s the opposite because it requires sophisticated technology to provide self-service solutions to users and enable them to access, analyze and query organizational data independently.

It is a transparent and highly sophisticated tool that uses an intermediate data modelling layer to establish business metrics once and then reuse them across the organisation. Though the tool is coded in LookML, a SQL-like language that facilitates debugging and version control, the business team needs to learn a new coding language. It requires a lot of work for Looker to get the business user up and performing fast.

Importance of Business Intelligence

These features integrate seamlessly with Dashboards and ensure User Interface (UI) compatibility on all devices including tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices. The pharmaceutical industry is adopting BI at a fast pace and benefiting from it significantly. Currently, BI tools like Oxylabs enable pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions to make faster and better decisions using big data analytics.

By analyzing data on market trends, customer behavior, and other factors, businesses can identify potential risks and take steps to mitigate them. With many businesses having to adapt to new market conditions, the ability to make data-driven decisions has become even more critical. BI services can help companies navigate these uncertain times by providing them with the insights they need to make informed decisions.

What are the software available for analytics in the present market?

While BI software is very efficient at filtering, cleaning, and organizing data it is also important to keep the data safe throughout the process. Adaptive data security is a useful capability found in quality BI platforms as it limits data accessibility according to needs and protects data from outside threats. Simply, the fast accessibility to BI applications from any place at any time by powerful people lets organizations grow better. Cloud-based BI platform hosted on a virtual network is a major quality that you must consider before choosing your BI platform. The ocean of data that humankind generates every day should not get wasted; businesses are very particular about this. Every company is trying to counter the challenge of capitalizing all forms of data with intelligent software or tools for the good.

With this tool, users can also visualise data with interactive reports and share it across the organisation. Data scientists and SQL analysts of small and medium-sized businesses use this BI tool. In the realm of modern business, SaaS Business Intelligence (BI) tools have emerged as vital assets, seamlessly combining cloud technology and advanced analytics. These tools democratize data insights, enabling real-time access and collaborative decision-making across devices.

Good data visualization is essential for analyzing data and making decisions based on that data. It allows people to quickly and easily see and understand patterns and relationships and spot emerging trends that might go unnoticed with just a table or spreadsheet of raw numbers. And in most cases, no specialized training is required to interpret what’s presented in the graphics, enabling universal understanding. Exception reporting allows users to define threshold points and monitor Key Performance Indicators and metrics, and receive alerts to notify them when exception conditions occur. Users have the ability to set, modify and delete alerts based on specific thresholds.

It should also allow you to clean up your data, fixing issues such as the ones mentioned above. Text analytics tools – If your data is in the form of written communications, text analytics tools can help you bring context into your data. These tools work by scanning written communications for key information, such as customer sentiment and other data points. They can help you quickly understand the general sentiment of your communications or dig into the details of specific communications if necessary. Data and security are two words that always come together in the current technology-based world.

It offers business intelligence solutions to a wide range of industries and professions including finance, health care, manufacturing, and education along with CEOs, sales, BI professionals, and IT workers). Some tools limit your choice, offering just a desktop version and only for data visualization. Others provide a range of solutions incorporated into a comprehensive business intelligence platform to make sure that you’re covered today and tomorrow as your environment and business needs change.

Also, keep in mind that companies can run into a problem with the quality and quantity of integration between data warehouses and their supporting ELT/ETL procedures while evaluating their data. When it comes to the centralized repository, having accurate, consolidated, and easily available data sources becomes necessary. A casual user needs to use dashboards to evaluate a predefined set of data, while a power user is capable of working with data sets that are sophisticated and complex. Still, this is one of the best Business Intelligence Tools you can consider now. A BI tool must go with times, and today is the time of professionals who demand information, data, critical reports, dashboards, and analyses anytime, anywhere, and on every device. Hence, the BI tool must support mobile platforms, especially the smartphones.

Data lineage tracking is very commendable for companies that mainly handle more Big Data-related solutions. Because it cleverly identifies potential bottlenecks and finds out data flows that can be improved. The concept of tracking data when it moves through various stages at different times from its source to the final destination is called data lineage tracking in BI.

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