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Is Proton VPN Safe?

A VPN is an excellent device to safeguard your online privacy. However, not all VPN providers are made identical. Some are more transparent than others regarding their logging policies, while some are better in stopping data breaches. ProtonVPN is a great example of a service provider which puts a lot of effort into its security infrastructure. Its software is free and the company regularly releases transparency reports detailing how often it receives requests from law enforcement agencies as well as other third-party organizations for information about users.

ProtonVPN can do a lot to safeguard your data, including encryption of connections with industry standard 256-bit AES and incorporating features like a kill-switch and a strict policy of no-logs. The service also offers features like Secure Core servers (double VPN routing), NetShield (an ad and blocking software for tracking) and perfect forward secrecy (which changes your encryption key every connection, making it much more difficult for attackers to access your personal information).

ProtonVPN’s mobile apps are among the most user-friendly VPNs. Its Android app is well-optimized and provides a detailed overview of your connection speed, server’s load, and many more. It also allows you to select specific cities to connect, which is great for sports or streamers who want to avoid blackouts. It also displays the load on each server directly in the list, ensuring that you can choose the most efficient options in only a single click.

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